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Course Content
Instagram Shopping is a tool designed by Instagram for companies that use the social network. With it, stores can tag products in the photos they upload by adding their price for sale, which is quite similar to how they can order a page and person.
Using Instagram Shops For Your Small Business Growth
About Lesson
  1. Tag an image or carousel

Tagging an image or a carousel is the perfect way to enhance your photos. If you have invested in a high-quality product catalogue that makes your products look original, take advantage! Your first sales should not belong.


  1. Tag multiple products in a message

Encourage your followers to explore your store and increase the usefulness of each post. Numerous articles mean numerous chances of getting your customer’s attention. Space your tags between them. This will make navigation easier and minimize any confusion.

Another advantage of labeling several items is that the product page shows them together. When a user clicks on a tagged article, the other pieces appear under the heading “Also featured in this post”.

This increases the visibility of any item you tag, which increases browsing and shopping possibilities, as well as additional sales!


  1. Make sure your tags are attached to the right products

Items you tag in photos must be items from your Facebook product catalogue. For brands whose items have similar names, be sure to mark the correct items!

Shopping on Instagram is appealing because it is direct. Sending a customer to the wrong item is shooting yourself in the foot.

Get into the habit of checking all item tags the same way you spell check your caption. (You would never forget to do this, would you?)


  1. Create a consistent shopping experience

As Instagram evolves into an online store extension, you need to make customers feel like they naturally feel good there. The transition from clicking an item in your Instagram shopping post to the product page itself should be seamless.

On this point, make sure that your Instagram posts and stories reflect the actual appearance of the post. Size, details, colors and functions should be consistent across tagged articles and product pages. If not, people will be confused or bored – and you will miss out on a sale.



  1. Promote your “Instagram store” on other platforms

It’s a proven method of getting more customers – and it’s also useful for getting more Instagram customers.

If you have a newsletter, include screenshots of some of your best Insta Shopping posts, along with a call to action. Feel free to cross-promote your Instagram on Facebook or Twitter.

Organize a “cross social media” contest and include tracking your Instagram account in the entry.


  1. Use descriptive hashtags

Users can follow hashtags, and therefore have more opportunities to come across your products. If you use hashtags effectively, you can increase your visibility and reach new customers. Research the hashtags that competitors and influencers use, and add them to your posts.

It is not difficult to sell your products on Instagram. After the tedious step of importing your catalogue on Facebook and validating it by Instagram, the rest is done by itself. This is an excellent opportunity to increase your turnover!

If you want to start an Instagram account for your business, find a social media manager on Codeur.com to support you in this strategy.