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Course Content
Instagram Shopping is a tool designed by Instagram for companies that use the social network. With it, stores can tag products in the photos they upload by adding their price for sale, which is quite similar to how they can order a page and person.
Using Instagram Shops For Your Small Business Growth
About Lesson

An excellent digital strategy must open all possible online sales channels. In this post, we explain how to sell on Instagram Shopping and expand your sales options.

Essential facts about Instagram Shopping

Before starting to sell on Instagram Shopping, you must keep in mind some necessary information about this social network:


In April 2018, the social network had more than 830 million active users, already surpassing consolidated networks such as Twitter or LinkedIn and continuing to grow by leaps and bounds.

Instagram Shopping hit the Spanish market at the beginning of 2018 after sellers’ success in the United States.

Instagram Shopping allows you to tag the photos of the products you publish so that by clicking on the tag, the user is redirected directly to the product file on your website so that they can make the purchase.

There is no doubt that a new online sales horizon is opening for us to reach an increasingly broad target audience and that we can do it easily by following the steps that we tell you below.


Requirements to Sell on Instagram.

To sell on Instagram, there are a series of prerequisites that we must meet:

  • Has the Instagram page configured as a Company profile?

Have a Company Facebook page and both accounts (Facebook and Instagram) linked from the Instagram profile.

  • Has the Store option configured and active on Facebook, also called the Facebook product catalogue?

A web page connected and synchronized with the Facebook product catalogue.

Sell ​​physical products.



How to Sell on Instagram Shopping

Once you have your online store integrated with the Facebook product catalogue and meet the requirements discussed above, you will have the option of tagging your products to put them directly on sale. To tag products in your posts:

  • Select a photo and add text, effects, and filters.
  • Tap the products in the photo that you want to tag.
  • Type in the names of the products you want to tag, then select them as they appear in the search box.
  • Touch Done.
  • Tap Share.

Users will see a label in a shopping bag where they can click and go to the product file.


In the same way, you can tag products in your Instagram Stories through stickers.

To add product stickers to your stories:

  • Select a photo or video that you want to upload to the story.
  • Select the product sticker from the sticker tray.
  • Choose the product from the catalogue that you want to highlight.
  • Move the sticker and place it in the place in the story where you want it to appear.


Note: If you’re going to edit the product name, you will have to change it from the catalogue before adding the sticker. If you touch this sticker, you can also change the colour of the text.

Share your story.





Some final recommendations to improve your online sales with Instagram Shopping:


  • Use quality and creative photos. Don’t just post pictures from the product catalogue. Creativity is valued and sold on Instagram.


  • Take the opportunity to publish several photos of each product in different versions or views. This way, your users will get a better idea of ​​what you are selling.


  • Use the hashtags that best identify your brand and your products. Don’t just paste a bunch of nonsensical hashtags because they are the most widely used.


  • In your posts, publish creative texts that reach your users, do not limit yourself to describing the product as is.


  • In short, remember that on the Internet you buy mainly with your eyes, and Instagram is a very visual social network where quality image and creativity in pictures and texts prevail.