RMAE 90-Day Production Plan


  1. Adjust the timeline, tasks, and resources based on your specific needs and capabilities.
  2. Regularly track progress, update the calendar, and adapt your strategy as needed.


WeekKey FocusMarketing ActivitiesContent CreationPartnership DevelopmentInternal DevelopmentBudget
1-2Market research & planning– Competitor analysis– Develop brand identity & messaging– Identify potential partners– Establish legal & financial structure– Define budget allocation
3-4Website & social media development– Build website & landing page– Create social media profiles– Develop initial content calendar– Initiate partner outreach– Recruit RMAE team members
5-6Membership launch & early engagement– Launch membership campaign– Host online welcome event– Start publishing content– Secure first partnerships– Onboard initial members
7-8Content & community building– Publish regular content– Host member webinars/workshops– Foster member engagement– Expand partner network– Onboard new members
9-10Magazine development & printing– Develop magazine concept & format– Secure content contributors– Finalize printer selection– Design & layout magazine– Onboard new members
11-12Magazine launch & promotion– Print & distribute first magazine issue– Promote magazine through various channels– Host magazine launch event– Secure additional partnerships– Onboard new members
13-14– Implement a referral program for members– Analyze membership growth & engagement– Implement referral program for members– Expand content network & partnerships– Develop membership tiers & pricing– Onboard new members
15-16Continuous improvement– Gather feedback from members & partners– Refine marketing strategies based on data– Enhance content quality & relevance– Strengthen partner relationships– Onboard new members

Marketing Activities

TaskStart DateEnd DateAssigned ToBudgetStatus
Develop marketing planWeek 1Week 2Marketing teamIn progress
Create website & landing pageWeek 2Week 4Web developerPending
Launch social media campaignWeek 3OngoingMarketing teamNot started
Host Busines & welcome eventWeek 5Week 5Events teamPlanning stage
Develop content calendarWeek 3OngoingContent teamIn progress
Implement referral programWeek 9OngoingMarketing teamNot started
Launch magazine promotion campaignWeek 11Week 12Marketing teamPlanning stage

Content Creation

Content TypeFrequencyStart DateEnd DateAssigned ToStatus
Blog posts5x/weekWeek 3OngoingContent team
Social media postsDaily (scheduled)Week 3OngoingSocial media team
Magazine articlesQuarterlyWeek 9Week 10Content team
E-newslettersMonthlyWeek 6OngoingMarketing team

Partnership Development

Partner TypeTarget NumberStart DateEnd DateAssigned ToStatus
Graphic designers5Week 3Week 8Partnerships team
Marketing agencies3Week 4Week 9Partnerships team
Web developers2Week 5Week 10Partnerships team

Internal Development

TaskStart DateEnd DateAssigned ToStatus
Establish legal & financial structureWeek 1Week 2Legal & finance team
Recruit RMAE team membersWeek 3Week 6HR team
Develop onboarding processWeek 4Week 5Onboarding team
Implement the RMAE Partner Network referral programWeek 9Week 10Partnerships team
Refine marketing strategyWeek 7Week 8Marketing team
Evaluate content strategyWeek 11Week 12Content team
Refine member engagement tacticsWeek 13Week 14Member engagement team
Evaluate team performanceWeek 15Week 16Management team

RMAE Magazine Process

StageDescriptionTimelineAssigned ToStatus
Concept & format developmentDefine magazine theme, layout, and content mixWeek 9Magazine team
Secure content contributorsIdentify writers, photographers, and other contributorsWeek 9Content team
Printer selection & pricingResearch and compare printing optionsWeek 10Operations team
Design & layoutDesign magazine pages and incorporate contentWeek 11Design team
Printing & distributionPrint and distribute magazine to members and partnersWeek 12Operations team

Magazine Printers and Prices

Printer NameLocationQuote (estimated)Services OfferedWebsiteStatus
Denver Publication PrintersDenver, CO$5,000Offset printing, online ordering
ABC Printing CompanyDenver, CO$4,000Digital printing, on-demand printing
National Printing SolutionsNationwide$3,500High-volume printing, online proofing

Compensation Plan

Compensation ElementDescriptionTarget/FormulaNotes
Partner Network We charge 20-30% commission30% of profits some partners will have set price
Ann Albergoti Ownership stake in RMAE30% of the company’s monthly profit

Additional Notes:

  • Be sure to involve relevant team members in the planning process and assign ownership for each task.
  • Regularly track your progress, update the calendar, and adapt your strategy as needed.
  • Remember to celebrate milestones and achievements along the way!

By utilizing this comprehensive production calendar and addressing key aspects like marketing, content creation, partnership development, and internal operations, RMAE can effectively launch and grow, Establishing RMAE as a valuable resource for Denver’s entrepreneurial community.