Leaning into fear


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Leaning into fear

By Stephen Nicholson

It doesn’t seem natural to move toward something that signals danger. Most people won’t stroll up to a wild bear in the woods or put their hand in a burning fire because experience has taught us that these actions will likely bring us harm. The interesting thing about experience is that it doesn’t have to be personally encountered to have an impact. The same people that won’t put their hand in a fire probably didn’t burn themselves to know that it’s dangerous. We evolve from learning through the experiences of others.

In many cases, this learned behavior benefits us and makes our lives more efficient. Our brains process this collective information and send signals to our bodies when there is apparent danger, keeping us safe. In some cases, there is a gap between actual danger and perceived danger. The fear that lies within this gap is the type that we should be leaning in toward. In order to properly analyze something it’s often beneficial to take a closer look. You don’t have to get burned by the fire to experience the warmth that comes from getting close to it. I challenge you to do something that scares you, it might just be the thing that changes your perception.

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Stephen is the CEO and Director of RMAE. He brings a unique experience and perspective to the organization after returning from Prague in 2020 with an international MBA in Finance.


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