Elements to a Perfect capability statement Just a few years ago, most people do not even know what a capability statement is. Now, it is one of the most important documents especially if you are going after a government contract. But what is a capability statement? If reviewed, you will see that it is some

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Basic Facebook Strategies

If Google is the king of search engines, then Facebook is the king of social media. With millions of users worldwide, it gives your business unprecedented access to a lot of potential customers. If you really want to maximize Facebook for your business, the best way is to take the paid route. However, even if

As an entrepreneur, there is a lot of pressure to succeed. Sometimes it can get overwhelming especially when you think about the scope of what you need to achieve to reach success. It sometimes feel like the goal is too far. My tip is to look forward to the future while taking it a day

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Elements Every Website Should Have

In today’s business world, not having a website can be considered as business suicide. You just can’t expect to stay competitive with other companies if you do not have your own website. With more than 80 percent of the population having access to the Internet, a company is more valuable than ever. But having a

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This list is designed as a resource for Colorado’s small businesses to find access to alternative funding sources beyond EIDL, PPP and other federal loans and programs. For details on those resources, please visit or We will be updating this sheet regularly and are aware that resources can change on a day-to-day basis.

Business Strategy

●      A secure website (https://) is now expected, not a differentiator. ●      Optimize for voice search so Alexa and Siri are on your side. ●      Quality text content should be longer than 2,000 words for optimal results. ●      Quality video content should quickly answer users’ questions. ●      As always, optimize for the best possible mobile UX!